Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where is Coulby?

My house is quiet this morning. There is no shrieking. No whining. No train whistles or rhythmic "chug, chugs." Caroline is not crying because her big brother is not tormenting her. Because he is not here. He is at Hopkins as I am typing, in the ER, having his blood drawn. And probably getting an IV for hydration and calories.

As you know from previous posts, Coulby was sick last week. He was pretty miserable--stuffed up, fever, loss of appetite, and lack of sleep. We pumped him full of fluids, made sure he did drink his formula to get his meds., and treated him with Motrin to keep his fever down. Coulby made it through the illness, after passing it on to the rest of the family, and seemed to be getting better each day. We kept him out of school all week last week, and by Monday this week, he seemed to be okay to go back. Coulby absolutely loves school, so he was thrilled. And I was thrilled that he was feeling so much better. Asking for food, drinking willingly, and meeting full protein requirements again. I always feel like I can breathe better when Coulby is well.

Then he woke up this morning whimpering and whining. He whines quite often anyway, but something about this whine told me that he was not feeling well again. I felt his forehead, and it seemed like he had a fever again. Out of nowhere! One day he is on the mend, the next day he feels sick and has a fever again! How frustrating! I took his temperature, and sure enough, he had a fever of 100.2. I took it again, thinking maybe I had not gotten it under his arm very well, and I got the same read. I swear I just deflated right there and then.

Daddy seems to be the man of the hour when Coulby is not feeling well, and he managed to get Coulby to settle down a bit and stop crying. He put him in a nice warm shower, which seemed to rejuvenate Coulby, and he even looked better. I paged Coulby's treating geneticist, told her what was happening when she returned my page, and we both agreed that Coulby should be seen, especially with just "getting over" an illness and now having a fever AGAIN! Coulby and daddy headed out to Hopkins. When Coulby left the house, he was bright-eyed and chatty, so I felt good about that. But his head was warm, so I knew he still had a fever. I had hoped the Motrin would have kicked in by then.

So that is where we are now. Coulby just had his blood drawn about 20 minutes ago, and was a champ (as usual!). I am praying that even if Coulby is still sick, or getting sick again, that he will be able to come home and we can help him get well from here. Please say some prayers for Coulby. I will post more as I know more!

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  1. Feel better soon Mr. Coulby!!!! You are a tough little guy and we know you will be all better very soon! (((hugs)))

    Mindy, Mark, Connor and Corrigan Mooney