Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"Now make sure you keep your hands really clean, do not get near sick friends, wash your hands after playing in centers, and remember to use lots and lots of Purell." Coulby has heard me say this so many times that he has actually started reciting parts of it to me right before he gets on to the school bus to enter the germy world of public schools. In some part of my brain, I foolishly believed that this daily recitation would prevent Coulby from participating in the 'pass-the-virus-on' preschool game, from which he has brought home colds and other assorted illnesses. I suppose Coulby would have to live in a bubble in order to avoid ever getting sick, which we all know is not even an option.

What is my point? Coulby is sick...yet again! He was just sick about a month ago with some nasty stomach virus, which was hard on him, stressful on us, but still managed at home. In the last few days, Coulby has gone from having a runny nose, to being stuffed up, to a nasty cough, fever, and loss of appetite. Dealing with the cold symptoms: piece of cake. Dealing with the fever and loss of appetite: well, that on top of his Citrullinemia is extremely stressful and exhausting. For all of us.

Coulby's body can react to a fever by drawing stores from his body, which can cause excess protein in his system and possible hyperammonemia. We have to treat the fever with round-the-clock Motrin, and also make sure his protein intake is less than his expected daily intake. We also have to make sure that Coulby is drinking plenty of fluids, preferably those with calories. This will ensure ideal hydration and flushing of his system. By keeping caloric intake up, Coulby's body will be less likely to draw from its own protein stores to replenish his system and make him get better.

With all of this said, you can see why we dread Coulby being sick. There is the constant care to make sure he is getting what he needs to not only get better, but also to maintain his metabolic stability. Fear of hospitalization triggers stress. When he does not want to eat, he is not getting what he needs to prevent hospitalization. When he does not drink, he is not keeping himself hydrated and can end up becoming hyperammonemic. The average cold turns into a nightmare.

I pray that we can get Coulby through this cold here at home, and we are doing everything in our power to do just that. Please pray for him. For an appetite. For no more fever. For healing.

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