Monday, March 23, 2009


Our latest photo assignment was MACROS. I was not sure how mine would come out, not having a macro lens, but after taking numerous photos of the same things from many different angles and with different lighting each time, this is what I came up with. The photo above shows some of my beach treasures from our last OBX vacation. I had some really great finds, but one of my favorites was this piece of green sea glass, unlike any I have ever seen or found before. I often wonder where these things come from, ultimately washing up on the shores to be found by someone lucky enough to spot them. And it saddens me that so many people just walk right by, never knowing what they might have found if they had only looked...

As I thought about what I would photograph for this assignment, I remembered this sand dollar that my brother had found at the beach...yes, during the same vacation in which I found the sea glass. It was a vacation full of incredible finds, really, because after 16 years of vacationing in the Outer Banks, we had never found an intact sand dollar or whole conch shells (we filled several grocery bags with conchs of all sizes). I really wanted to capture the beauty of the sand dollar and its incredible detail, including the sand that was still on it. Even without a macro lens, I still think it came out pretty good!

This bottle is so small and delicate, with great color and charm. It was a gift from my husband's late grandmother, and is actually one of my favorite things that I call mine. I am not really sure why, except that it has just spoken to me since I first unwrapped it. I appreciate the hunt for something unique, like this bottle, and the intricate details that make it so special. This photo does not do it justice...I wish I could have captured more of the detail in more clarity.
This was a fun and challenging photo assignment. All of them have really helped me to take better pictures and experiment a little more, with different settings and lighting and perspectives.

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