Thursday, March 12, 2009

FAVORITE THINGS photo assignment...

Some of my favorite things are the first signs of Spring. This ladybug is a small reminder that Spring is on its way...I just hope it comes soon!

Coulby's passion right now is trains! Everything trains! He can find a way to incorporate trains into anything. In fact, his teachers at school say they often have to remind him that he cannot make his letters into train tracks, and that when he draws mommy's face, he should not include a train track that would look interesting, huh? Anyway, his train had to be added into my favorite things assignment. I did edit this photo, but the edited version would not upload. So this is what you get!

Snuggle time with Coulby is one of daddy's favorite things. This photo was obviously somewhat staged, but Coulby had come into our room that morning to lay with his daddy. This is exactly how he positioned sweet. When I asked them to sit still for a photo, they both closed their eyes.

Two of Caroline's favorite things: Books and Elmo!
The "favorite things" photo assignment made me think about all of my favorite things...and the list was endless. But I did not want the whole focus of the assignment to be on me and what I like, so I took a different approach. Everyone has favorites, so I took a photo representative of each of my family member's favorites. It was a fun perspective.

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