Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009...and a Hopkins update

Our Memorial Day was quiet. We chose to spend it quietly, with family. And it was nice. Some of the family came over for a late afternoon cookout, with Richard's famous ribs as the highlight of the meal, and the many sides to accompany them: potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni and cheese, homemade rolls (yum!), baked beans and corn on the cob. You know summer is quickly approaching when you start eating corn on the cob! It is one of the signs of warm weather and cookouts and vacation and no school. Let me tell you, the food was fantastic, but the company was better. It is just nice to get together with family like that every once in a while; to sit and talk and laugh and catch up. And then there were the drinks...
Now, I am not much of a drinker, but we did make some fruity Raspberry Fizz drinks: one shot raspberry vodka, one shot raspberry schnapps, 7Up and a fresh strawberry to top it all off. Man, it was good! Maybe too good. Like it went down too easily and tasted too good. But it was fun to try something new. I think that will become a new favorite at family get-togethers to come. Anyone second that?
Coulby and Caroline could not have been more excited about the family coming over, but were especially excited to wave their American flags (or Americal flags, in Coulby terms) around. They do not know the meaning of Memorial Day yet, but some day they will. We will teach them to honor our servicemen and women who fight for our freedom. And we will teach them how their own relatives have fought for freedom in wars fought long ago but never forgotten. There is honor in being an American, and I hope they always want to wave their country's flag so high!
I hope everyone else enjoyed their Memorial Day, and better yet, celebrated with family and friends like we did. Such moments are a blessing.
We ended our Memorial Day celebration to gear up for a Hopkins appointment today. Coulby had a routine appointment with blood draw this morning, and we are always tense until we get that ammonia. It was 44 today...breathe again! Although I like it to be in the 30's, I will take a 44. Coulby apparently lost some weight, which I found hard to believe with the new belly he is donning, but he did get a little taller. His caloric intake has been phenomenal (almost or just above 2000 calories a day!) and he has been eating like a champ. I think he probably suffered some weight loss when he was sick with pneumonia, but it seems he is well on his way to gaining it back. Overall it was a good check-up and we returned home, which is the outcome we always pray for.

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