Monday, May 11, 2009

Illness Be Gone!

This is Coulby's new look...what do you think? He has been sick yet again with a cough, runny nose and an on and off fever for four days straight. Not fun. It seems like we have one healthy week for every three sick weeks. Not fair. Since Coulby had a fever even yesterday morning, we decided we should take him to see our local pediatrician. This was not something that required a rush to Hopkins (whew!), and in such cases we see the pediatrician and consult with the geneticist and dietitian.
Honestly I did not expect the pediatrician to be able to do anything for a persistent cough, so when my husband called and said the doctor thought Coulby has pneumonia, it took me a minute to process what he said. Coulby was given Albuterol via a nebulizer, and prescribed two antibiotics to wipe it out.
Of course I spoke to Coulby's geneticist about his diagnosis and prescriptions, and she seemed to think that from a metabolic standpoint, Coulby was handling this illness just fine. She was not concerned, therefore I was not concerned. It is just another illness to deal with, and we have had our fair share this season. I think we deserve a break! But I am thankful that Coulby is HOME through the whole ordeal and not in a hospital bed. Another blessing. I never thought my son would be able to weather so much from the comforts of home.
As for the photo, Coulby absolutely LOVES his new mask, and thinks it is cool that he can blow smoke "like a train." In fact, he keeps asking to "do his mask." At least it is a novelty for him...for now!

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  1. gah! there's a face on that mask! How cute! I am glad that Coulby seems to be cool with the treatments. That certainly makes it easier! I am ready for this all to end too. NOW. May, for goodness sakes this is supposed to be over!