Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Our last photo assignment was EMOTIONS, and Caroline gave me lots of photo opportunities to capture multiple emotions. This was by far my favorite, not necessarily because of the picture itself, but more because it captured her.

The photo was taken just minutes after she had woken up to start the day. Guess she was not quite ready to wake up, but she might have heard the morning bustle in our house just enough to be roused awake. I do not like those rude awakenings, either. It is far nicer to wake in my own time. At my own pace. Of course this is rarely the case anymore. I am usually up when Coulby decides he is ready to be up, and I wake up quickly. I digress.

So Caroline woke up tired on this particular day, and it got me to thinking how tired I am. Not physically exhausted, but tired. Tired of this cold weather. Tired of being indoors each and every day. Tired of waiting on Spring. Waiting on the weather to cooperate so I can get my hands in the dirt and plant. I am just tired. This is such a nice time of year, but the weather teases and taunts, with 70 degree days down to 30 degree days, all in the same week. Buds start to pop open, flowers start to bloom, and just when it seems we have made it through the last of the frigid weather, a cool front blasts through. And that ray of light gets dull again until the next warm day.

I know this is the pattern and then, at some point, it will get warm and stay warm, and the waiting will be forgotten as quickly as it settled in. It happens every year. I wait. I get tired of waiting. And then the wait is over. And Caroline's sleepy morning just reminded me of all of that.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be posting an entry on how lovely it is to feel the sun on my face and to put some new plants in the ground. Until then, I will wait until I am so tired of waiting that it must mean the debut of warm weather...

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