Saturday, July 17, 2010

It ain't easy being cheesy!...OR...Say cheese!...OR...The adventures of Coulby and the twisted cheese curls!

Cheese curls are not my thing. I am more of a Cheetos girl. But that does not matter when Coulby is in a cheese curls phase. 'Cheese curls phase' = Coulby WILLINGLY eating excessive amounts of cheese curls. And this means that he is getting not only protein to easily help meet his daily protein requirements, but also all of the calories that cheese curls have to offer...which are a lot. Coulby liking cheese curls makes life a lot easier because we have a sure thing to feed him that makes the job of meeting his dietary needs easier. MUCH easier, truth be told.

And these are no ordinary cheese curls. They are TWISTED cheese curls. These spiral things that look cool and take up a lot of room in the bag to make it look full even though it is not (one of the most annoying things about any bag of chips, really). 28g of cheese curls = 1.8g of protein and 160 calories. Coulby can eat about 75g or so in one sitting...about 429 calories! *Gasp* Guess most parents would be horrified that their child was consuming that many calories from cheese curls. But not parents of children with UCDs. The more calories the better. Kind of a foreign concept in this world of over-consumption and gluttony.

Not only does Coulby love cheese curls...twisted...but he makes sure he gets every last little bit of cheesy coating at the bottom of the bag. Kinda gross, but whatever works. Hence the above photo. That was Coulby post-empty-cheese-curl-bag. He had this cheesy beard and mustache going on that, while disgusting, was also very photo-worthy. I did not capture it well enough to do it justice, but the cheese was coated on his face, fingers and body pretty good. I could not be happier that there is something that I KNOW he will eat if nothing else. Until he gets tired of the twisted cheese curls, they will stock the pantry shelves.

On another note, Coulby had a Hopkins appointment yesterday. And his ammonia was...(drum roll)...29!! Yay! A number we can work with for sure! He has gained weight (thanks to twisted cheese curls, no doubt) and had an overall good check-up. Good news is always nice to report. A relief. A reminder of Coulby's miraculous life.

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