Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here we go again...

My camera usually tags along wherever I go, and out of the hundreds of shots that I take, I usually only end up with a handful (if that) of photos worth sharing. Coulby is not the most cooperative subject, so I have to be quick with the camera if I want a decent photo of him. I have found that calling his name and snapping off a shot when he turns to respond is my best plan of attack. Hence the photo accompanying this post. This photo of my sick boy. Yeah, I said sick boy. As in he does not want to eat anything and throws up every time we try to push something on him. So what do we feed a kid who does not want to eat but HAS to get so much protein and so many calories and so many ounces of fluid in every day?

Honestly this week has been such a test of patience. I am failing miserably. It does not help that patience is not a virtue I am blessed with. Then to have to maintain patience with Coulby when he does not want to eat anything, and I mean ANYTHING, is just next to impossible for me. And I know that he did not ask for any of this. This life that he was given: always having food pushed on him, always having to drink his concoction of formula and medicine, having monthly blood draws at Hopkins and enduring hospital stays when illnesses cannot be managed from home. The poor kid has been through so much in his short life.

Here is to hoping that after four days of not feeling well, Coulby will start to rebound and get back on metabolic track. It is emotionally and physically draining to be a parent of a child with a metabolic disorder any day, but especially when he gets sick. My impatience comes mostly from my fear of Coulby becoming hyperamonemic, with the possibility of brain damage, and ending up at Hopkins, confined to a bed with an IV in his arm for several days. I know that people cannot really know what this experience is like unless they live it, but I always hope that by blogging, those who do not live with a UCD day in and day out can at least learn what it means for those of us who do. And for those who do, I have the utmost respect for you because I know exactly what it is like!


  1. Stay strong, friend.
    You know I am here for you and totally feel your pain. The stress of going through the same thing, less than a month ago with Cor made us decide that the gtube was our next step. I totally feel your pain. 100%.

    I hope that he wakes, tomorrow, with an amazing appetite and that all of your worries fly away with the rising of the morning sun.

    love you, if you need anytime.


  2. Thanks, Mindy! I know you are there and I really appreciate it. More than you will ever know! Just wish he would turn it around SOON!! Like yesterday! Love you!