Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Winter induces that comatose-like state only achieved after self indulgence. You know, that feeling you get after you leave an all-you-can-eat restaurant? Or right after Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah, you know it. That slow, sluggish, lazy state of being. And I hate that feeling! I like to be busy and move around and feel productive. By the time the first daffodils start peeking through the ground and the first buds begin appearing on trees, I am in danger of losing my sanity after spending a long Winter indoors. Okay, okay, a little dramatic, I know. Let me just put it on record that I am not a big fan of Winter. Too cold. Too many layers of clothing. Kinda dreary. Short days. Chapped lips. Dry skin. Cabin fever. The whammy: too many germs! I would not say that I hate Winter, but I.DO.NOT.LIKE.IT!

With the huge blast of Winter weather that has so graciously dumped mid-thigh-high snow (yes, I am short!) across Maryland, the comatose state has graduated to delirium. The kids have been cooped up in the house for days on end...hence the delirium. I have cleaned up the same toys about a million times. I have broken up the same fight about two million. I have bundled and unbundled each kid in layers of snow clothes I do not even know how many times now. I have watched 'The Incredibles' the whole way through about 2 times a day. I hear shrieks and cries and squeals and "Mommmmyyyy!" in my sleep. I am edgy and jumpy and irritable and wound up tighter than Coulby's bongo. And at the same time, I am also finding humor in it all. Because at a certain point, everything becomes humorous. I have to laugh...that or I will cry!

How many days are there until the official calendar start of Spring? Of course I do know that it does not mean all of the cold weather magically dissipates on March 20, but at least it is Spring. But since there is still snow on the ground, and snow falling from the sky as I type, I did break out the camera and my new macro lens (thanks, dad!) to try to capture the anatomy of a snowflake. So far no luck. Have you ever really studied a snowflake? Caught one on your sleeve and looked at its pattern? I would love to have that permanently frozen in a photo.

So now that I have professed my undying love for snow and Winter and cold (ha), I should emphasize that Coulby is healthy and home to enjoy the snow. Ultimately, no matter the weather, that is the most important thing. I complain, but I am also celebrating that I am stuck at home watching the snow come down rather than having to watch it from a permanently-stuck-shut hospital room window. I will gladly trade productivity for laziness; my sanity for delirium. If it means all of my family is home, happy and healthy, bring it on!

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  1. I hear ya, sistah. I can't even form complete sentences any longer. I am thinking about just resorting to grunting and letting the family forage for themselves.

    (love the photo too btw!)

    xo Mindy